PFL Sports Metaverse

PFL Sports Metaverse

Frequently asked questions

Who are SportsIcon?

SportsIcon (creators of the Sports Metaverse) are a Web3 company, specialising in metaverse environments and digital collectibles. SportsIcon is backed by the likes of Dapper Labs, Nas, WndrCo, Andrew Bogut and many others.

What is the PFL involvement in this?

SportsIcon is an official partner of the PFL - this is an official product, created with the PFL for their fans and community. The PFL owns 50% of South Island in the Sports Metaverse.

Do I need to pay for this?

No. This is a free download. Simply enter your email on the download page to receive the download link.

How does it work?

This experience works best on PC or Mac desktop / laptops. After downloading the file, extract it to your preferred location. After extracting simply double click on the Sports Metaverse file to load the Fan Cave.


Windows or your antivirus may prompt you to block the installation due to "unknown developer". If this happens please press "more information" and then click to proceed with the installation.

When in the game environment you may be prompted to give the application access through your firewall. If this happens, first press the "esc" key. This will allow you to move the cursor outside of the game environment. Please then click to allow access through your firewall for the application. Once the firewall window has closed down automatically, hit "esc" again and continue your experience!


If you see a warning dialogue about "unidentified developer" when opening the application first time, right click on the file and select "open" to allow the app to run. Read more about this in the macOS User Guide.

I'm in the cave, now what?

Feel free to wander about the PFL Fan Cave and immerse yourself in the surroundings. Share your room code with your friends to invite them in, talk, interact, and watch exclusive content together on Fan Cave TV.

What's on Fan Cave TV?

There will be regularly updated PFL content on Fan Cave TV, including in-season fight highlights, PFL Studios originals, and footage from the PFL library.

PFL Sports Metaverse by SportsIcon

PFL Sports Metaverse

By SportsIcon